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Welcome to your gateway of opportunities...! Looking to make both profound and practical changes? Seeking to realize more of your potential?

Welcome to HOI - a world with limitless opportunities for those who believe in themselves.

We invite quality people - with aspiration and capability to touch the lives of millions of Indians - to join our team. Here is an opportunity for you to be a part of this phenomenal growth!

HOI is an employer of choice for top-notch professionals who can take up challenges in large-scale initiatives that support economic growth and sustainable development. Whatever be your area of expertise, HOI is likely to have an opportunity for you!

You have worked hard on building your strengths with top quality education, so why compromise on getting a good start to your career? Why not explore the limitless world of HOI where we nurture ambitions to create world class opportunities for the truly deserving?

What's on offer?

What matters is not what is on offer but what you can create with the fire of your ambition. If you can discover your passion, we can match it with an opportunity.

What we want

A world class organization not only wants world class people but also those who defy convention and are driven by a desire to excel. We welcome excellent people from premier institutions, as also top quality people from India.

At HOI, we are committed to creating one of the world's most people-friendly, performance-driven, and process-efficient learning organizations, where the best and the brightest work together to create a responsive, respectful and delightful work environment.

Across our businesses, we develop leaders – both for technical excellence and personal attributes - and constantly find ways to hone their skills. Our leaders inspire and motivate others around them, are progressive, determined and decisive.

Training & Development

Once on-boarded, you will go through a rigorous and business-customized induction program to gain the requisite knowledge and tools to professionally excel in your work. You will also be mapped to a mentor to find your way through complex organizational needs.

At HOI, we have a kaleidoscopic career spectrum. Depending on your unique perspective, you can find a new challenge in HOI every day, and a new opportunity to make a genuine impact on business goals.

HOI believes in young leaders and is looking for more of them. It encourages individuals to achieve great heights at a fast pace, even as it cherishes the wisdom of its senior leaders. At HOI, you get to work with the sharpest brains in our organization that provide unmatched scale, variety and scope.

Opportunities abound

We have a diverse range of roles, disciplines, functions and businesses to satisfy the most imaginative and determined minds. And as we evolve, newer horizons open up every day.

Learning opportunities

HOI has an extensive platform of several learning academies that offer exciting, interactive and engaging learning content.

Always there for you

HOI offers a lot of personal support through formal and informal structures to those who have decided to throw in their lot with us. We recognize the value of each and every individual because we strongly believe that only great people make great organizations. Right from our mentoring to our networking programs, you meet people who help you discover your way in HOI.